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About IMS
VRC's Investigative Management System™(IMS) allows clients to stay better informed on their cases. With IMS, clients can can check the status, video, reports, invoices, and results of every investigation they submit. Now, streaming video is as close as your desktop and as simple to review as checking your email. See you results instantly, easily, and effectively. IMS is where you go to get vital information about your Investigation anywhere and anytime.

Check Case Status and Submit Updates

With IMS™, you can check the status of open cases and view updated case briefings. The ability to monitor the outcome and current findings of your investigation at anytime will allow you more flexibility and ease communication between yourself, your claims department, and VRC. At any hour and from anywhere, you can re-budget your case, request additional reports or videos, view still snapshots, print reports, and view court documents. You can even set up temporary accounts for co-workers, attorneys and other interested parties to view select information from the investigation, such as reports or court documents. Adding temporary accounts is especially helpful for obtaining positive identification. You can easily allow the insured, attorney, or doctor to view snapshots of the subject and return with a positive identification. Cutting back on unnecessary and time consuming phone calls and mailings is the goal of the IMS system.

Executive Level Claim Management

Managing multiple claims across several departments, adjusters, or Special Investigation Units, can be difficult and time consuming as you await current investigation status information from your staff. IMS™ capabilities allow executives to access every claim for their department. They can view video, read field briefings, and access the case information at their convenience without waiting for weekly or monthly reports from subordinates. You can even obtain lists of all assigned cases instantly. This increases communication flow throughout the department, which will lead to a more effective and efficient claim process. Furthermore, effective claim management is easily obtainable using VRC's IMS™ system. Take charge of your department today and sign up to view all cases in your department at the executive level.


Unlike other Private Investigation firms, IMS is 100% HTTPS secure. All communication between IMS and your browser is encrypted for the highest level of protection. We care about the security of our case information and our IT department monitors online security threats daily. Our system operates only among established parameters of authority. With VRC's commitment to industry technology development, you can be assured that your case information is safe and protected.

View Subject Video & Photographs

VRC's commitment to developing industry technology enables clients to view streaming video footage in high definition or photographs obtained during an investigation. Clients will automatically receive email alerts that video is available to view. From there, you simply click the emailed link to log into your account and view your subject's latest activities. You also have the option of viewing clips or full length video footage. With IMS™, the options are nearly limitless for your convenient case management.

Become an IMS User

Due to the need for strict security, each client wishing to utilize IMS capabilities must complete a company to company security agreement. As the demand for this popular services increases, user log-in accounts are generated on a first-come, first-serve basis. This will help to ensure that case information remains secure. It will also benefit your department by allowing multiple users to be set up at one time. Executive level users may also be set-up to view all cases in their department or company. Contact a sales representative to set up a user account by clicking the "Contact Us" button on the right side of the page.

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