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Canvass Investigations
Canvassing typically uncovers medical facilities that have, at some point, provided treatment or service to the subject. This information can help to determine if current claims are the result of recent activity or previous injury.

Medical Canvasses

Our canvass program is useful in determining whether there have been any previously undisclosed medical treatments obtained by the subject, which may reveal a pre-existing injury or treatment prior to the alleged date of loss. It also assists in determining if the subject has a history of prior claims. You can use this information to dispute extent of injury issues and questionable dates of injury.

Lifestyle Canvasses

Canvasses of gyms, country clubs, rental facilities, sports leagues, etc. can help to substantiate or refute the claimant's complaints of mobility, health or other issues.

Pharmacy Canvasses

Canvasses of pharmacies, pain management clinics, sleep testing centers and substance abuse counseling offices can reveal addiction and drug-seeking behavior in claimants.


All canvass reports include a detailed chart depicting the search findings and a map of the area canvassed. Also included are standard database search results with the subject's social security number, date of birth, possible aliases and address history, when available. This can be useful in locating previous addresses where the subject may have prior medical treatment records.

Database Checks

Database checks are a cost-effective way to locate criminal and civil records, bankruptcies and liens, property ownership, address history and phone records.

Driving / Vehicle Records

We can request driver, vehicle and title information in many states. This information has a multitude of uses, including locating previous accidents and violations, verifying vehicle ownership and locating individuals.

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