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Continuing Education
VRC is not just a professional services company, we are an education company. Our investigation experts will help you identify red flags, which will ultimately keep investigation costs down. We will provide investigation services when needed, and will also notify you when investigation services are not needed. A higher level of commitment to our customers is what you can expect with VRC.

Red Flags and Work Comp Fraud Indicators

Our CE course on red flags and workers' compensation fraud indicators is a one-hour course approved by your state.

Coordinating Insurance Claims Investigations

Our "Coordinating Your Investigation" class provides you with detailed information about selecting your surveillance vendor when assigning a case. This is a 1-hour credit course.

Recorded Statements

Our class on taking recorded statements will help your adjusters with their statement-taking abilities and instruct on how to follow up and expand on the answers provided by the claimant. This is a 1-hour credit course.


We are state-certified to provide our clients with the CEU credits that each state requires. If your state requires CEU credits in order to maintain your license, please contact us for further information regarding your state regulations.

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