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Veracity Research Co. Investigations
Veracity Research Company (VRC) is an investigative professional service firm specializing in all aspects of insurance defense investigations. Backed by many successful years of experience, VRC is dedicated to providing you with the finest service and value in the investigative industry.

Our Symbolism

"What does 'Veracity' mean?"
VRC is based on 3 main principles: truthfulness, accuracy, and integrity. The noun 'Veracity' implies all three of our principles and stems from the Latin word, verax, meaning true.
By definition, veracity is:
  • An adherence to the truth
  • Conformity to fact or truth
  • Accuracy and precision


VRC's principles are based on truthfulness, accuracy and integrity. Unlike many companies, VRC utilizes full time experienced investigators, whose backgrounds are comprised of previous military and civilian law enforcement experience as well as the insurance industry. All investigators are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as video and still camera equipment, laptop computers, concealed cameras, tape recording devices, cellular telephones and specially equipped surveillance vehicles.


VRC has always strived to be a leader in the Insurance and Corporate Defense industries. Our continued dedication has allowed VRC to introduce new technologies, to develop new business practices, and to increase the quality of training our investigators receive. Because VRC puts service and quality above quantity, we can always meet our clients' diversified needs and exceed the investigative standards required by most insurance companies. These attributes make us a true leader in the fight against fraud.


VRC has a service area that reaches coast to coast across the United States. We currently service all 50 states, and have international services in several countries. Our product, experience and quality are the same, regardless of the city and state in which our investigations are located.


Veracity Research Company (VRC) was incorporated by Marcus Doyle and Lance Foster in 1995. As an "Insurance and Corporate Defense Investigations" company, VRC has thrived and taken pride in watching their operation turn into one of the largest customer oriented Private Investigation companies in the United States.

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