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The VRC SIU Professional Services Team combines many successful years of investigative experience with our state-of-the-art technology platform, IMS™.

Our SIU Professional Services Team can supplement your existing SIU or act as the SIU for companies that do not have their own.

Vendor Management

VRC's professional service platform, Vendor Management System™(VMS), supplements existing SIU departments and aims to maximize your return on investment.

Our Professional Services Team will manage all aspects of the vendor-client relationship, freeing your valuable resources to concentrate on core functions.


VRC helps with insurance defense investigations, combining many successful years of experience with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and techniques.


Claim investigations are independent checks utilized as a tool to process long-term and ongoing claims.

Canvass & Database

Canvassing typically uncovers medical facilities that have, at some point, provided treatment or service to the subject. This information can help to determine if current claims are the result of recent activity or previous injury.

Special Services

For services outside the typical investigation paths, VRC offers specialized services to assist in your investigative needs

Continuing Education

VRC is not just a professional services company, we are an education company. Our investigation experts help customers identify red flags, that can help keep investigation costs down. VRC will provide investigation services when needed, but will also notify our customers when investigation services are not needed. A higher level of commitment to our customers is what you can expect with VRC.