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Special Investigations
For services outside the typical investigation paths, VRC offers specialized services to assist in your investigative needs

SIU (Anti-Fraud) Services

Our SIU Division is a dedicated fraud control unit with specialized expertise and resources committed to minimizing the adverse effects of fraud for our industry clients.

Our SIU Division's sole focus is to provide professional, timely, quality and cost-effective investigative services to the insurance industry from inception to final disposition. We are equipped to handle overall responsibility for fraud control programs involving bodily injury, property, casualty, auto, workers' compensation and disability.

Our SIU Division helps clients avoid payment of fraudulent losses, recover fraudulent claim costs, deter fraud through training and prevent unwarranted risks in a cost-effective manner.

Due Diligence

A background check and extensive research is conducted to assess the validity of a prospective factoring client and the client's customers. Information is verified and documentation obtained to be given to the factoring client to determine if a particular invoice should be purchased. Why should due diligence investigations be conducted? Because clients always want to take as little risk as possible and must be assured that the money they advance will be repaid. The process of gathering information about the condition and legal status of assets to be sold and implementing security policies and mechanisms to support them demonstrate due diligence. If an organization does not practice due diligence pertaining to the security of its assets it can be legally liable for negligence and held legally accountable.

Business Interruption

Businesses affected by natural disasters have to deal with relocations, water damage, lost profits, missing records, loss of access to premises and environmental and liability issues.


All of our investigators are able to provide testimony in court, to verify the validity of the evidence obtained.

Database Checks

Database checks are a cost-effective way to locate criminal and civil records, bankruptcies and liens, property ownership, address history and phone records.

Auto / Property Loss Verification

We are able to provide complete investigations for stolen vehicles or property, accident scene documentation, or weather damage loss. We can also provide you with accident reconstruction in certain areas of the country or oversee the investigation with our partnership network

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