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Surveillance Investigations
VRC helps with insurance defense investigations, combining many successful years of experience with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and techniques.

Video Surveillance

Surveillance is conducted over an extended period, during which continuous observation can yield video photography of the subject's activities. VRC uses high definition video equipment and provides instant access to video evidence via our streaming portal.

Activity Checks

Activity checks are a powerful tool in which clients can develop information and determine if surveillance is required. Activity checks typically include database searches and neighborhood canvasses, which develop background information regarding a subject.

Public Records Check

Many cases rely on background information prior to a deposition or trial. Record checks are conducted at the local, district and federal levels. Many searches reveal prior claims, criminal, and driving history of a subject.

Widow, Wellness & Disability Checks

These independent checks are utilized as an additional tool for clients to process long-term and ongoing claims.

Asset Searches

Asset searches allow the client to determine a subject's monetary worth, such as personal property, automobiles and businesses.

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